The way most homes are fitted out has changed very little in the last 50 years. Traditionally the construction industry tends to be quite conservative in adopting new technologies and systems, however Norfolk County Developments has a very different outlook. This is partly driven by the fact that one of our sister companies is a well established IT Consultancy which gives use access to technical expertise that most home builders do not have. This means that our developments are uniquely designed with the Smart features built in rather then being a DIY afterthought.nnAll of our homes are designed to accommodatennSmart phone / iPad controlnSmart lightingnAdvanced door entry systemsnIP Security cameras with remote smart phone / web viewingnSmart heating and cooling systemsnAdvanced, centralised home media systemsnWe also fully wire our houses with CAT5E network cabling as standard which enables you to use streaming services such as iplayer or netflix in every room without having to resort to slower wireless connections.