Safety Options

Our security features allow you to keep an eye on your home from anywhere in the world and provide the peace of mind that should anything happen you will be the first to know

Fire Detection

On all of our new homes smoke and fire detection are included as standard which can be integrated into the optional home automation system.

As an optional extra we can also add in ‘smart’ responses in the event of a fire such as turning on extractors to help remove the smoke, closing internal doors and turning on emergency lighting to help guide people out.

Flood Detection

Flooding from appliances or plumbing can cause massive damage and be devastating. If specifying the optional home automation package we include at least 1 flood detection sensor in the kitchen which allows the system to alert you to flooding as soon as it happens no matter where you are. As an option we can also include 'intelligent response' to minimise the damage to your property, for instance in the event of a flood the system can isolate the main water feed to prevent a bad situation from becoming a disaster.


Integrated security for your home and family

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Control your energy, your security and your moods!

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Enjoy your movie and music collection in every room in the house

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The reassurance that your house can detect and respond to emergencies.

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