Advanced Media Features

Our advanced media functions can be built into your house to provide an efficient way to share your media collection around the whole house and even have access when out and about!

  • Media server with the ability to store hundreds of films and TV programs
  • Control the system from every TV with an HDMI connection.
  • Watch videos and managing your private video library
  • Listen to your favorite music in any room.
  • Access media in any of your rooms
  • Central file server provides the means to share and backup work around the whole house

File Storage

As well as being a first rate media server our systems also act as file servers, allowing you to backup your PC to the network and share you files with other family members.

Plex is one of the most powerful complete home media systems available today. With the ability to automatically catalogue your entire media collection and then stream it to any TV or mobile device it gives you complete control over your home entertainment. Best of all if you have a fibre internet connection you can even watch it on mobile devices when your out of the house!


Integrated security for your home and family

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Control your energy, your security and your moods!

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Enjoy your movie and music collection in every room in the house

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The reassurance that your house can detect and respond to emergencies.

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