Standard features on all our homes

All of our houses have the same core features that enable smarter, more comfortable living

  • Full network installed in all habitable rooms, can either be used for data or phones
  • Smart Heating controls
  • IP Security Cameras front and rear

Additional Options

It’s your home and like most developers we offer a range of options on the normal things such as kitchens and bathrooms however unlike most developers we also offer almost limitless options on the technology and systems installed in your home. Whether security or entertainment matter most to you we can tailor you home to meet your exact needs.

Below are a few suggested options, however they are only suggestions, please feel free to mix and match any combination of them to create your perfect environment.


Integrated security for your home and family

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Control your energy, your security and your moods!

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Enjoy your movie and music collection in every room in the house

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The reassurance that your house can detect and respond to emergencies.

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